Adam Leland Homes

Logo Design • Multi-Page Brochure • Web Design • Business Collateral Design • Adam Leland Homes, a Bellevue based home builder, was in need of a refreshed logo and brand identity that would communicate their excellent work, upscale homes and breathtaking photography to their upscale client base in the Bellevue and greater Seattle area.

Tinderbox Coffee Roasters

Logo Design • Business Card Design • Web Design • Tinderbox Coffee Roasters use to be located in two locations, Aberdeen and Wesport WA. The new owners took over the business and needed to put more focus on their roast, so they moved to Aberdeen WA to cater to the growing rural millennial population. This sit down coffee shop needed an updated, modern look and feel to fit their new location in the heart of Aberdeen where they can roast, have a sit down area for those working remotely, and create an environment that attracts professionals, students and locals looking for a community centered vibe.

Aloha Alabama BBQ

Logo Design • Business Card Design • Illustration • Supporting Brand Elements • Shirt Designs • Beach Vibes Ya’all! Westport WA. is a very small beach town with no fast food, franchises or corporations. This local eatery is owned by a husband and wife who truly love their community. This logo design needed to capture that fun, loving aloha spirit of Hawaii, along with the comfortable, welcoming vibes of southern BBQ gatherings. Both regions value BBQ as a way to connect, gather and enjoy friends, family and community. This has become an iconic image for Aloha Alabama BBQ, as well as the town of Westport Washington. A great success.

User Interface Design

Relentless UI Design and WordPress buildout • Sleep Centers UI Design • Dungeness Barn House B&B UI Design and WordPress Build • Recent examples of websites I designed and or built in WordPress. I am either laying out the user interface and handing it off to a developer to build it out, or I am doing both. In the past, I would use a WordPress child theme and create a custom CSS file while building a site from a PSD layout, or creating it from Bootstrap. In 2020, I use the Divi Builder, which is faster, very powerful and easily customized while adapting to all screen sizes and works perfectly for most business website needs.

Bemrose Photography

Logo Design • Brand Identity • Business Card Design • Supporting Brand Elements • Bemrose Photography was in need of a brand refresh. The original design was too complex, didn’t work well as a watermark, and felt dated. We both loved the concept of using rose petals as an aperture, taking full advantage of the name and type of business services offered. I created a variety of logo lockups to work for social media, her web presence and watermarks to protect her photographs.

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